Anthem Drops Covered California In Most Regions

Anthem drops Covered California in most areas, and has joined our Wall of Shame, according to a recent memo to its agent community. Anthem Blue Cross’ latest decision is more extreme than last year’s move to exit individual PPO plans (see earlier story).

In some  California counties, Blue Shield is the only insurer to offer a true PPO plan, adding credibility to their Not-For-Profit status and commitment to support the future of the ACA. (read the entire article from Coverage California). Conversely, Anthem is a for-profit company and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as WellPoint.

Anthem drops Covered California in most counties

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Why is Anthem withdrawing from the exchanges in California?

(In Anthem’s own words…)

“While Anthem is reducing its 2018 Individual plan offerings in California, it is not withdrawing from the exchanges. We are pleased to be participating in three key areas”

“On-exchange and off-exchange EPO plans at all metal levels will be offered in three regions of Northern California…”

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Anthem Drops Covered California in most regions

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It is embarrassingly ironic that the Covered California news page refers to “Stability” on the health exchange.  We can only imagine the impact of 150,000 Anthem subscribers trying to get assistance in a very tight window of time. So move quickly to reserve your space for free agent assistance: Just complete the following form and fax it to 408-255-8105 or email it to  It’s free!

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